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In a city rife with some of the country’s top Chinese, French and Italian restaurants, how on earth can you choose San Francisco’s best dining destinations? It can be difficult to highlight the city’s constantly changing culinary landscape while representing solid Cali classics (we’re looking at you, La Taqueria). But we were up for the challenge, and after doing some research we culled our list down to 25 of the very best. Consider this your San Francisco checklist of the top restaurants to visit, whether you’re a local or just stopping by for the weekend.

The best sushi.


Though San Francisco is a ten-hour flight from Japan, you wouldn’t know it by the volume of precious, ice-packed chests arriving daily from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market to create the city’s best sushi. San Francisco is home to an impressive network of master sushi chefs, trained at acclaimed Japanese restaurants, and opening their own seafood restaurants in the Bay Area. Whether your ideal meal is super-fresh, simply prepared nigiri or wildly inventive omakase, there’s a sushi bar for every taste..

This upscale restaurant serves omakase (chef’s choice) only: $98 for seven courses or $165 for 10. The carefully calibrated progression of dishes is designed to achieve a distinctive balance of tastes, colors, and cooking methods (roasting, steaming, frying, simmering and served raw). Mitsunori Kusakabe, an alum of Nobu Tokyo, New York and Miami Beach, oversees the sushi bar. After leaving Miami, Kusakabe honed his skills at Sushi Ran, the revered Sausalito sushi restaurant. He’s is an expert in traditional Edomae sushi techniques, as well as a certified blowfish butcher—order accordingly..


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The best steakhouses.

Flanked by lush Napa Valley wineries and sprawling cattle ranches to the north, the Bay Area is rich in high-quality meat and unparalleled wine. Unsurprisingly, there’s no shortage of serious steakhouses in San Francisco. Some of the best restaurants in San Francisco are butchering, dry-aging and searing beef to a juicy, tender finale (and serving it alongside an expertly paired local cabernet, naturally).

This beloved mainstay started out as a 14-stool counter in 1937. Following a fire in 2007, the family-owned establishment moved to North Beach and rebuilt with an open kitchen. As the checkerboard floor and red leather booths suggest, the spot is known for classic Italian-American fare. That includes the generously-sized steaks, served alongside your choice of sides. Go for the 10-ounce flank steak or the New York steak—both are dry-aged and seared for a rich, lightly charred flavor.